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Help us Help You!

We really need your help spreading the word about PePcon to designers, production teams, and publishers around the world. And now, for each one of your clients, customers, or readers who sign up with your discount code, then they save $50 off their conference registration, and we’ll give you $50! You can learn more on this page. But because you are a presenter, we have created a Discount Code for you already, which you should be receiving in email. For your convenience, we have also embedded it into an animated GIF, which you can place on your web site. If you’d like artwork in any other pixel dimensions, please let us know!

Hotel and Travel

You have all been in touch with our speaker manager, Toby Malina. If your are staying at the Marriott, she will be arranging your hotel reservations for you, so make sure she knows your plans! Please check with Toby on all logistical questions, and she’ll be happy to help you!

Planning Your Presentation

For those of you who are new to PePcon, David and Anne-Marie will be in touch soon to discuss your presentations. Please note that while slide presentations are reasonable for a 20-minute session, the one-hour and half-day sessions should generally contain just a handful of slides. We have found that attendees really want to see you do something on screen whenever possible. There are exceptions, of course, so reach out to David and Anne-Marie if you have questions or concerns about anything editorial.

What’s with the video?

Do you remember the old days of conferences, where you could buy an audio cassette tape of the session in the lobby? Well, these days it’s all about video, and so many conferences now offer videos of the sessions that attendees are beginning to expect it. We have heard from our conference attendees that they really want to be able to review sessions they’ve seen and — even more importantly — see the sessions they had to miss when two or more sessions happen at the same time.

So we have decided to record video of each session during PePcon. However, here are things you need to know:

  • For most sessions, we are only recording the audio and what attendees see on screen. We will not have a camera on you. (There may be a couple of sessions that we do video of the speaker, but we would work that out individually with the presenter before the show.)
  • We are not selling individual videos of sessions. People must sign up for a whole conference package to get them. However, we will allow people who cannot attend live to buy a whole conference pass that gives them access to the videos.
  • The videos will be online for only 3 months after the event.
  • People will not be able to download the videos. (Well, sure, people can always find a way to pirate stuff, but it won’t be easy.)
  • To view the videos, attendees will have to login with an individualized username and password.

Our goals are to have happy satisfied attendees, happy satisfied speakers, and make enough so that we can keep producing PePcon.

Online Connect Site

We are launching our online conference social networking site, called Connect. This is a great opportunity to get connected with each other, and with the attendees, and start building community before we get to Philadelphia. We have sent you all invitations to log in (the email probably came from Log in, set up your profile, and join the discussions!

Meet Tivi Jones!

tiviJonesWe’d also like to introduce you to Tivi Jones, our new Audience Development Manager. Tivi lives in Durham, NC and has great experience in marketing and communications. Tivi wants to help promote you and the great work you do, via social media, emails, and more. Please contact Tivi with your official social media accounts, insider details about your session, photos, or other interesting tidbits about yourself and your session.

More Questions?

And… as you already know: If you have questions about travel or on-site logistics, please reach out to Toby Malina, our awesome speaker manager. If you have questions about the editorial content or just want to chat, you know you can always reach out to David or Anne-Marie.