PePcon 2015 Speaker Handouts and sponsor offers

This URL and this handout is only for attendees of the 2015 PePcon: The Print + ePublishing Conference. Please do not publicize this link and do not share the PDF online. Thanks!

Download PePcon_2015_handout-v5.pdf
(51 MB —  version 5 was posted Thursday, June 18, 2015)

Tip: It’s a large PDF. If you don’t want it to open in your browser, right-click and choose Save Link As.

Speaker Extras: 

  • Nigel French has provided Long Documents — Bonus Files for the attendees of his Long Documents workshop session on Thursday, June 4. The .zip contains his slides (as an IDML file), a book example, and a Mapping Styles .rtf example.
  • James Fritz has provided his Tablet Publishing in 2015 slide presentation as a separate downloadable PDF (in addition to his handout in the main PDF).
  • Here are Chris Converse’s assets he showed in his session “Unexpected Gems: AfterEffects for Print and Photoshop for Video.”

From IGNITE InDesign:

From CreativeWow: