Mark Heaps

Mark Heaps snapped his first picture at the age of four. His grandmother provided him with a camera and film so he could explore the world around him. As he got older he picked up a guitar, a skateboard, and a can of spray paint and skated his way into the world of art and design. Today he’s an Adobe Community Professional. He now runs his own service group partnering with his wife on design and production services.

Mark is the former Executive Director for Houndstooth Studio and has held lead positions with Duarte, Google, and Apple. Mark’s images, and design solutions, have been utilized by such brands as Alcatel Lucent Nokia, Coca-Cola, and many more. His work has been also published in a variety of international publications in print and online, most recently being published in Rachael Ray magazine, and with National Geographic Photographer Merlin Tuttle’s new book. He is a maker, creator, author, instructor, teacher, but most importantly a husband and father.

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