Russell Viers

David Blatner

Sunday, 12:30 – 5:00 pm

Whether you’re a nervous newbie or a seasoned pro, this is the workshop for you. Join internationally renowned InDesign rockstars Russell Viers and David Blatner for a rollicking afternoon of rapid-fire InDesign goodness from basic to arcane: the most useful shortcuts, streamlined production techniques, and best practices for any designer or production pro, print or digital. You’ll get a head start in grokking the main sessions, and return to work brimming with ideas for streamlining your workflow and having more fun while you do so!

  • Preferences you must change to remain sane
  • Customizing the Interface: Making Adobe’s InDesign your InDesign
  • Text formatting best practices with Nested, GREP, and Next Styles
  • Getting efficient with Object Styles
  • Setting up Long Documents for smooth production
  • Mastering Master Pages
  • Integrating those useful InDesign plug-ins, Illustrator and Photoshop
  • Secret weapons of the pros: Story Editor and Quick Apply
  • Quick fixes for crazy Word formatting
  • Top free scripts: Where to find them, how to use them
  • What you can and can’t ignore in the Print and PDF Export dialog boxes