Scott Landis

Sunday, 12:30 – 5:00 pm

You’re not a coder. You’re a designer. But you still need to understand how the languages of the web, HTML and CSS, work together to make beautiful, interactive publications in the browser, in ebooks, and in tablet publications. That’s why this workshop is consistently the first one sold out.

Scott Landis is a designer and an HTML and CSS pro. He’ll walk you through the topic from the perspective that you understand (like paragraph styles, master pages, and default fonts) to show you how similar HTML and CSS are to what you already know, and what the important differences are. You’ll walk away with a solid understanding and confidence in how your design skills can easily transfer from print to digital.

  • What is HTML and CSS, exactly?
  • Basic HTML tags and how to write them
  • Default structure of an HTML file
  • Attributes and Hrefs
  • Working with spacing and alignment
  • Understanding “semantic markup”
  • External vs. internal (in-line) CSS
  • What does the “Cascade” mean in Cascading Style Sheets, and will I get wet?
  • How InDesign converts print designs to HTML and CSS
  • Choosing and defining colors
  • Figuring out default fonts, web fonts, and Typekit fonts
  • Useful and free HTML and CSS Editors