Keith Gilbert

Wednesday, 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

Once you have decided a mobile/tablet app tool strategy, what are the best practices for creating the app? Learn how to include interactivity in your InDesign files for these products, and when you need to reach beyond InDesign and build interactive elements in other applications, such as Adobe Animate (formerly Flash), Muse, or other HTML authoring tools.


  • Creating engaging, immersive interactions
  • Adding rich media, such as embedded or streaming video and audio
  • Building buttons, nested multistate objects, interactive quizzes, video, animation, and embedded PDFs
  • Constructing vertical and horizontal scrolling frames and interactive panoramas
  • Creating a "pop-up" box to reveal content
  • Working with the many types of project hyperlinks
  • Embedding HTML from the web or widgets
  • Planning for multiple devices

Note: This session is the second part of a two-part presentation. The morning session, Getting Started with Mobile Apps, covers the essentials and compares the products. However, the morning session is not a prerequisite for this session. You may attend either Part 1, Part 2, or both.